September 30, 2008

Youtube SANG-ERS

So I just decided (@ 4am btw) that from now on, im goin to have a youtube "sangers" featured everyday. Why you ask?! Wellll, because i stay on youtube, and i always come accross some REALLy talented sangers, so I wanted to share these powerhouse voices with my viewers. Leave comments and make sure u tell me what you think about the videos. I might even decide to add some other talents, who knos, so stayed tuned.

September 28, 2008

Bite Size Beauty

Jada Pinkett Smith is featured on the cover of JET magazine lookin oh so regal and fierce, which we all know that she is. However, one thing we know that she is NOT, is tall! Believe me, I should know, i saw her in person about a few weeks ago while tryin to sneak into the Zac Posen show @ fashion week (yes, I am that obsessed). And JET call themselves tryna play folk by using her tiny ass frame to take up the entire page. Yeah,right, who u tryna fool?! Nonetheless, she looks gud.

Too Gay.....or NOT Too Gay

I was on the train the other day, and this guy who looked pretty str8 to me, got on the train, sat down and immediately crossed his legz. So, that got me thinking....can a man cross his legz, without looking...femme or in other words: gay?! Not to say all gay men cross their legs, but like 9 and a half outta 10 of them do. Anywho, i guess it depends on the way you do it, like, if u can manage to do it in a masculine way, if that makes any sense, .... I mean....wat do ya'll think??

September 25, 2008

Mommy...maybe you shudn't watch this!

Found this on my man Yeezy's blog. And I have to agree with him: this IS the best thing that has EVER been made:

Yeaah, i kno!!

September 23, 2008

Gurrrrrl, WHAT, Were You Thinkin?!

Here is Golden Brooks @ TV Guide’s Sixth Annual Emmy Awards After Party at The Kress on Sunday in L.A, lookin like the post-GIRLFRIEND checks have NOT been coming in. Cuz GURL-FREN is lookin BEAT UP.....from the, feet up!

Its My Blog....Period

Sooo, I've been thinking....this is MY blog!!! Therefore, I can write about whatever my heart desires. Here's the gist of it all: i love blogging about celebreties and the lives that they lead, but I can' be consumed with that shyt ALL the time. I mean, i get ENUFF of them between, other blogs, television, magazines, radio and watever other media outlets they have taken over. It seems that as we proceed deeper and deeper into the 21st century, you can't escape the lives of the rich and haneous. So, Ive decided that for every post i do about what some celebrity is wearing, or what brand of tampons they use, blah blah blah, im gonna do the same for an "ordinary" citizen of the world. Mostly about me! I mean, my life is exciting, and i think people would be amused to know the things that I see and think. Sumtimes i wish I was sum1 else, so that i could read about what was goes on in my life, without actually living......MY LIFE. Get it?! Anywho, you get the point.

Now....back to your (not so) regularly scheduled program!

September 16, 2008

Forgive Me, For I Have....

OMG (goodness, that is), my loyal readers. How can I ever make this up to you all?! I've been absent for almost a month now. Where have I been, what have i been up to, you ask?! Well, to make a long story short...I up and moved my happy ass to NYC with a suitcase, a fucked up hip and almost NO money. I didn't know it was goin to happen this way....its just the way that it played out. And I have to tell has been an eventful month and...6 days. Mostly good tho. Ive gone to more concerts, and seen more celebrities in the short time I've been in NY, than I ever would have living in the bean (DOES NOT mean I dont love my hometown, cuz I do...BOSTON, stand up!!!!) I mean, between walking the streets, sneaking into fashion week, going to concerts and events , Ive seen and heard it ALL. Good tymes. Anywho, I just wanted to to let you all know that Im back, and I will be getting into the swing of things starting tomorrow...better yet, today. So, you an expect SISTAHGURLHONEYCHIILD to be on BLAST. Oh, speakin of sistahgurlhoneychiild, I have shortened the address to: Cuz we can all agree that the entire name is a little tedious to have to write when searching. So, experience the change and pass it on.