July 27, 2009

You Are Soooo Bootiful

I wanted to make a formal comeback, equipped with whens, wheres and whys, but I had to showcase these babies first. They are a gift from Alexander Wang, and will probably be sold out everywhere by the time you read this. So, just feast you're eyes and say you saw 'em.

July 26, 2009


Starting tomorrow (well, technically today), I will resume blogging. Prepare yourself to be SISTAH.GURL.HONEY.CHIILD-ED all over again.


April 12, 2009

Kanye West Is A....Gay Fish??!!

SouthPark delivers yet again! Although I don't get the whole "gay fish" parody, this shit is hysterical. From the character interpretations (Don C, Taz, etc)to the underwater auto-tune performance, it serves. Click the play button to see what I mean.

April 5, 2009

Video Premiere: Trey Songz-Brand New

Trey, could ALWAYS get the business, but now, he can get the business plan. He went ahead and cut his hair, got all swoll, AND acquired some additional swagnificence. I bed-not see him in the street, cuz, IT WILL BE ON!!!
Trey Songz - Brand New

video source

Video Premiere: Day 26 feat. Yung Joc & Diddy-Imma Put It On Her

Im sorry, but its really hard for me to take these cats seriously after what went down on last weeks episode of Making the Band. They fightin each other like thugs and cryin like little biatches at the same time, and now they're frolicking on the sands of Miami, talkin 'bout how they're gonna put it on her. Maybe they should think about anger management and counseling before puttin anything on anybody. Anywho, peep the video:

ToPSHoP Comes To NYC!!!

You've seen the signs ALL over NYC (if you live here that is), and even if you don't, NO ONE across the US has been unaware of the coming of London's own TopShop. Blogs, fashion publications, newspapers, and the lot, have all been anticipating its arrival, and on April 2nd, our dreams came true. People began lining up from 6am for the 11am opening. When I entered the fashion haven (and luckily for me, I didn't have to wait on the ridiculously long line), I understood what all the hype was about. Apart from the clothing being a girls dream, TopShop invited its patrons to share in complimentary beauty treatments, special guest DJs, tips from style advisors , free limited edition t-shirts, and the list goes on. It was everything our little American hearts had hoped for. What on earth did we ever do without it?!
Peep a video below of how long the line actually was, as well as photos from inside:

Topshop SoHo NYC Opening - April 2nd, 2009 - nitrolicious.com from nitrolicious.com on Vimeo.

March 29, 2009

Dora Gets A Makeover

These fools have gone ahead and given Dora a makeover, which is absolutely unnecessary. She is a litte 4 or 5 year old girl traveling through jungles, and chillin with animals. She doesnt need to have on diamond studs, a necklance and ring. See, now little gurls gonna be talkin bout how they want what Dora got. Next thing you know shes gonna be giving fashion advice, gettin facials, and talkin bout how cute Diego is. If you're like me, and think that the madness must stop, click here to sign a petition against the Dora makeover.

image via: highsnobette

"I Go Put African Bling On It"

Nigerians....you gotta love 'em.