November 18, 2008

A Hot Boo-Boo Mess!!!

He really thinks he's doin sumthin....poor baby, sumbody set em up...they set him up!



Im Callin It!

Keri Hilson is about to BLOW in a way that no one ever expected. This chick is currently on like 5 peoples tracks....excuse me, singles, plus her own. MADNESS!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you. Peep her newest project:



November 17, 2008

PETA is comin for PATTI with PAINT!

Now Patti knows that she is wrong for this.....have the nerve to be draped in some poor animals fur. Shame on you Patti.

Video Premiere: Rehab- Rihanna

Here is the premiere of Rihanna's new single/video, Rehab, with Mister Timberlake as the leading man.....and I have to confess, she is officially the BEST DRESSED FEMALE in the game! Yeah, I said it!

Oh, and Justin wrote the song.....sounds like his work, right?!

All the Single....BOYS??!!

JT-imberlake is a DAMN fool......and is it me, or do you believe he could have REALLY done that choreography tpye ill if he wanted to ??!! Yeah....same here! Peep the footage to c wat I mean....

November 14, 2008

She is.....OVERDOIN IT!!!

Ok, so is it me or is Beyonce doin the MOST right now with these spreads and promo pics??!! I mean, arite, we get it....ur SASHA