September 23, 2008

Its My Blog....Period

Sooo, I've been thinking....this is MY blog!!! Therefore, I can write about whatever my heart desires. Here's the gist of it all: i love blogging about celebreties and the lives that they lead, but I can' be consumed with that shyt ALL the time. I mean, i get ENUFF of them between, other blogs, television, magazines, radio and watever other media outlets they have taken over. It seems that as we proceed deeper and deeper into the 21st century, you can't escape the lives of the rich and haneous. So, Ive decided that for every post i do about what some celebrity is wearing, or what brand of tampons they use, blah blah blah, im gonna do the same for an "ordinary" citizen of the world. Mostly about me! I mean, my life is exciting, and i think people would be amused to know the things that I see and think. Sumtimes i wish I was sum1 else, so that i could read about what was goes on in my life, without actually living......MY LIFE. Get it?! Anywho, you get the point.

Now....back to your (not so) regularly scheduled program!

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