October 26, 2008

He Is......Sasha Fierce!!!

You KNO he stayed home from work to catch the premiere and learn the choreography, to post this video ASAP. He is soooo sincere.

October 3, 2008

I Neva Knew a Luv Like This

KILL!!! That is what I would do for these Givenchy Gladiator Up the Leg "Sandals". I just wanna live in them. But literally, I would have to LIVE in them, since they retail @ about $1800, which is equivalent to rent. Sadly, this is a sacrifice that id be willing to make. Fashionistas alike kno what im talkin about.

October 2, 2008

Usher's Trading Places...& Spit

Well now, either Usher is in heat (from lack of affection from Mrs.Raymond) or he's tryin to reclaim the thrown, and show us whose boss. Either way, he definately got my attention. I watched this video like 5 times in a row, wondering what that chick has that I don't, besides a 24 inch waist, perfect abs, a cute lil pout, great teeth, and an all round smashing body...please, tell me, what?!

Ouououou, and u know Mrs. Raymond was steamed when she peeped situation. SMH