July 31, 2008

Those Nipples Were Made For Piercing....

And thats just wat she did..."Little Miss Sunshine" was recently spotted in NYC headin to some club, rockin a Herve Leger bandage high-waisted skirt and ultra sheer tank top. Now, at first glance, I notice the skirt cuz its quite fierce, then at second glance, the fact that her top is SEE THRU, THEN, at third glance, i discover the nipple piercing. WOW!!! Thot my eyes were deceiving me, but they werent! Not to mention, the photo below speaks for itself....i think someone must have told her that when the flash goes off, its as if she not wearing a top @ all (DUHHH). So she made sure to cover up....little late for that.

A Priceless Monae

Miss Janelle Monae is on her way to the top, and Vogue got hip to it when they featured her in their August issue. Its nice to see them paying attention to an up and coming artist who is, you kno....black! So, if you're a fan of Janelle, make sure u go pick up the issue....or just go to your local bookstore and rip this page out......im just kiddin.

July 30, 2008

Shaun White 4 Target

Snowboarder/Skateboarder,Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, has collaborated with Target to launch a line of clothing, conviently inspried by his own peronal style. Hes got the signature long sleeve flannel shirts (which I LUV), the "skateboard" shorts and top...you know wat Im talkin about....anyway, the line is super cute and it great for young boys and teens. Check out the full collection here.

Oh, by the way, I am maddly in luv with this man! I luv everything about him......even the red hair.....especially the red hair.

S.O.B.'s/Amanda Diva presents: Spectrum Funk

Beginning Thursday, July 31st, SPECTRUM FUNK, a new monthly party featuring artist and TV/Radio personality, Amanda Diva and special invited guests (This month: DJ SPINNA, JAMES WATTS, and LYDIA CAESAR) lights up the stage at S.O.B.’s. Combining live music and live painting with mixes by the cities hottest DJs, Diva plans to brighten up the summer with the SPECTRUM FUNK Series. So, if you're gonna be in the apple tomorrow and beyond, make sure you check this out.

Mmm-Mmm, Guuud

With all the hoop-la surrounding Shia LaBeouf and his recent DUI charge, I figured it would be a nice lil treat to make some gud of the situation, and focus on how sexually delicious he looks here, featured on the cover of Details magazine. I mean, look @ that face...it screams: "do I make u horny bay-bee?!"...Yes Shia, yes u do!!!


S.O.B.'s presents: Oliver Mtukudzi & Black Spirits

On Tuesday, July 29th, S.O.B.'s played host to Afro-pop icon, Oliver Mtukudzi and his legendary band, The Black Spirits. Arguably the most powerful creative force to emerge from Zimbabwe in the last three decades, Mtukudzi carefully balances compelling rhythms and accessible melodies with insightful lyrics, building a vast body of work that is politically and socially relevant, yet entertaining and accessible to a worldwide audience.

Mtukudzi is such a musical force that his name has become synonymous with his style, and "Tuku music" has evolved into something quite distinct from any other Zimbabwean music. Clearly, his cultural influences are evident – the traditional forms of the mbira, the South African mbaqanga style, and the popular Zimbabwean music style called jiti, are all evident in his sound – but these have been distilled into an aesthetic that is now very much his own.

In October 2007, Oliver performed for a sold out crowd at S.O.B.'s, to celebrate the release of his latest album Tsimba Itsoka, which has garnered considerable media attention throughout the year. Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi returns to S.O.B.'s for 2 shows to bring the sounds of Zimbabwe to New York on July 29th.

From what I've been told, the show was a BIG hit. For your view pleasure:



Ok, so I was JUST about to head off to bed, when I happened to fall upon this video containing 3 of the most swagtastic style mavens in the entertainment world: Fonzworth Bentley aka Mr. C.O.L.O.U.R.S, Kanye West aka The Louis Vuitton Don, and Andre...Benjamin Andre to be exact. This is like a dream...


July 29, 2008

Chillin...is for warm beverages!

I was watchin my guilty pleasure this evening, Baldwin Hood...I mean Hills, and tonights episode was SCAN-DA-LUSS. Gerren and Lo'Rena were about to throw sum bows. And lets be honest, as much as I love me some Gerren (Miss Naomi Campbell in the making: Bee-yotch), she would've gotten handled by Lo'Rena, if she had "laid hands on her". But thats not wat this is about. Wat caught my interest was the conversation between Lala and Sal. She told him that he should take her out on a date if he was serious about dating her, and this mofo wanna say, " Why can't we chill?!" PAUSE! OHH.NO.HE.DIDNT! Hes lucky i wasn't the one sitting on that couch, cuz he would have gotten read. I mean, that was insulting. Was he tryin to say that she wasnt worth taking out?! Cuz we all kno that chillin is another word for "let's f**ck", "im cheap", or "i'm trifflin"! Disrespeckful! So, fellas, word of advice: Next time you wanna "chill", take a cold shower. PEACE!!

Mmm-Mmm, Guuud: Nelly

Its been buzzin all over the place that Mr. Saint Lunatic himself will be droppin his pants for the 2008 Sean John Mens Underwear campaign. Well, praise the lawd! And, let me tell you, Diddy is just as excited as the ladies and gentleboys. In a press release, he said: "Nelly is the quintessential definition of the Sean John man.....he has the attitude, the swagger and most of all, the physique that our customers can both aspire and relate to. And let's be honest, all of the ladies out there are going to be thanking us for this campaign." Yes, thank ya....finally, sum1 sees the potential in this fine piece of man......But, dont u wish his jeans were @ his ankles?! Yeah, me too....


July 27, 2008


Welcome back, Welcome back...that's welcome to everyone out there and, to myself, seeing as I haven't reported in just about 2months( its hard for me to believe too)...Its been too long!

Soooo, I'm sure u all want to kno where I've been allll this time...well, like most good 'ol Americans I was "workin" hard, (better known as slavin), @ my "job", (better known as the plantation). But, no worries, I have since been FREED from the whip that stung my back. And I DO NOT plan to return. From now on, my time will be dedicated to the things that will propel me in sumthin bigger than even I'd be able to control....ok, maybe not that big, but ya'll get the point.
Since my last post, I've been to many places, seen plenty of everything, heard all of sumthin and tasted just about anything that my palate has been willin to accept. However, I never got around to postin NETHING...shame!!! But no worries, I thot that it wud be beneficial for everyone if I did a "brief" (and I do mean brief) overview of all things blogworthy that have happened since I last posted, so here goes:

-Wale & Blu @ S.O.B's/ Andy Suzuki & Kozza Babumba w/ Becca De Sa & Aviad Sunshine (July 13th).....Blu was even better than the day before (@ the BHHF), maybe because it was a smaller, more intimate venue. I can't tell you how Wale's performance was cuz i skipped it to hit up the Andy Suzuki show that was happening simultaneously. And it was well worth missing Wale for. Once again, the show was HOT! The band was in FULL effect and had everyone hootin and hollerin.

- Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (July 12th)......This was actually something that i fell up on. I happened to be in NY on a mini vaca and the BK Hip-Hop Fes happened to be goin on while i was in town, so me and my cuz decided to hit it up. Such a dope show. I loved the atmosphere...you could just tell that hip-hop was very much alive, especially with the turnout, and not to mention the line of performers which included: KRS One, DJ Premier, Buckshot, Blu & Exile, Mickey Factz, 88-Keys, J.Period, Fresh Daily, Zaki Ibrahim, Homeboy Sandman and Special Guests! Brooklyn Bodega did a great job of puttin it all 2gether. U can check them out @: http://www.brooklynbodega.com/index.htm

Andy Suzuki & Kozza Babumba w/Aviad Sunshine on Bass (June 22nd).....At this point, it had been a while since i'd been to an Andy Suzuki show, so i didnt really kno wat to expect. Well, let me tell you, i was NOT prepared for wat came. I mean, between new songs, new bass player, new free stylin.....just newness in general, it was off the chain. I was blown away...and im not just sayin this because i kno these ppl personally, they really delivered an amazing performance. As normal, i was singin along like a lil groupie, its all gud tho...ill be dat. For more info on Andy Suzuki Music, visit: http://www.myspace.com/andysuzukimusic

-Boston Gay Pride Parade(June 14th)...Such a colorful and wonderful event. U kno i love me some queens, they're the best. Kat DeLuna and Kimberly Locke graced the stage too. Kat: cute lil performance...Kim: not so much!

-Karmaloop Re-Launch Partee (June 13th)....For those of you who don't kno, Karmaloop's flagship store (located in Boston, by the way) was closed for construction for quite some time. So, to mark its reopening, they had a launch party where only Boston's elite were invited......ok maybe not....u just had to kno somebody, that knew somebody, that freaked somebody....and i happened to kno a body...u fell me?! Anywho, it was a hit. Great crowd of people, great atmosphere, great location and the lot. Plus, they had an after after party which is very uncommon for the Bean. So, that was a gud look (however, the cops harassing ppl at the end... not so pleasant....can u say "police brutality"?!) You can find out more about Karmaloop @: http://www.karmaloop.com/index.asp

-Pre Boston Pride 2008 Mini Ball (June 7th)...I went to my second Ball (it was a mini) ever (the first was last year, before i started blogging) and it was O-VAH!! Honeeeeeee, them girls were fierceeee. I have pics, but they won't do justice to wat was goin on....i have some raw footage that I'll post once i get them from my source. So, stay tuned....believe me, its worth it

-Lupe Fiasco @ S.O.B's (May 14th)......I was blown away! Lupe was so hype and kept the audience wanting more. I developed a new found respect for Mr. Fiasco. He really delivered an amazing show. Oh, and his crew was soooo on point. (Big up to Matthew Santos for bein such a cool dude).

-Glow in the Dark Concert (May 13th)......BANANAS! Kanye took it us on a journey through Graduation (his third LP) and beyond...we were not ready for the GREATNESS!!! Lupe made a huge impression on every1 with his performance quality, N.E.R.D rocked the house with their SPAZ muzik...and Rihanna looked great (Chris Brown came out & did the remix to Umbrella with her, where they awkwardly performed at separate sides of the stage, i figured so as not to add any more fuel to the flame). Peep sum images of the glow:

See, that wasn't so bad.....okay,okay, its not as brief as i said it wud be, but you feel up to date now, don't you?! Plus, I feel like I can continue on with fresh n new shit, u feel me?! Anywho, there might be sum xklusive pix to come, depending on if i wanna revisit this post. Sistah.Gurl.Honey.Chiild. Signin.Off.