August 25, 2008

Gone, But Never Forgotten

Today marks the seventh year since angelic singer, Aaliyah's passing. She was loved and respected by all. She was one of the few young r&b singers who didn't feel the need to "sell out" in order to to gain popularity. She stayed true to herself and her music thru it all and for that, she will continue to be remembered forever.

Click here to watch the "I Miss You" tribute to her.

August 24, 2008

Gurrrrrl, WHAT Were You Thinkin?!

Aubrey aka Tranny O'day of Danity Kane, was seen at the premiere of the movie Traitor (ummm, who invited her irrelevant ass?!) rocking this train wreck of an outfit. I mean, none of her dollhouse buddies cud have counseled her on this one?! I guess not, seeing as they ALL have a habit of getting dressed in the dark.

August 23, 2008

She Really Loves Those...

Balenciaga knee high gladiator sandals! Rihanna was first seen wearing these ri-dic-u-luss-ly FLYY heels during a visit to 106 and park. Then she wore them in her Disturbia video ( photos not available, however, u you can see them in the video right below). And, most recently she was seen wearing them while shopping on Melrose. Well, I think it would be in her best interest to preserve those bad boyz, seeing as she may have to paw them or put them up on ebay. Im just sayin, with the finances supposedly on E, it might be wise.

August 21, 2008

J* Davey Rocks the House @ SOBs

Last night, I and a slew of other eclectic folks, where entertained by the sounds of J. Davey @ S.O.B's. I'd heard of them and even seen a spread on them in a magazine, but up until yesterday, I had not heard any of their music, at least not knowingly. And I must say, I was blown away. The singer of the duo, Jack had a stage presence that was undeniable, where it was hard not to focus on her. She had a hold on the audience with that funky psychedelic voice, and style to match. Together, they really have got it figured out, and it is very likely that they'll go VERY far. Peep the personals from the show:

August 12, 2008

Gurrrrrl, WHAT Were You Thinkin?!

Last night I went to see Jill Scott @ Wingate Park...and she looked a mess. She came out, and I was like, "ummmm, who is that?" I couldnt believe that this was the same person who was on the cover of Essence magazine lookin radiant and beautifully natural. Here, she looks naturally beat. Oh Jilly from Philly, fire ur stylist for this one. Apart from the hidalgo outfit, she had a good performance overall.

August 6, 2008

Eva...or Evan??

A few days ago, my brother sent me this photo, but I forgot I had it to post. Okay, so besides this photo being "artistic", I kno that Im not the only person who at first glance, thought that Eva's head was photoshoped onto a mans body...someone has to feel me on this. I mean, the ribs, the catchers mitt hand....i dont knoooooo!

Image Source

Greedy Genius

Mr. Weezy F Baby covers this months issue of Blender and talks about having it all and wanting so much more. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Im Not One To Gossip, But...

We all know that this lil thang, Tila Tequila aint NEVAH had neah either she got them backs done ( which I wudn't put past her) or she really knows how tout that thang up...wat ya'll think??

August 5, 2008

Get Well Soon

One hundred & one blogs have reported the details of Morgan Freeman's fatal car accident this past Sunday, so I'm not posting this to tell everyone wat happened (assuming you already know), rather I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery and tell everyone to keep him in their prayers. He is a fine actor and role model who should be around for years to come.

What Ever Happened To...

D'angelo?! I had my i-Pod on shuffle today, and as I nestled my earphones into a comfortable spot, I was greeted with the sweet, soulful sounds of the very very sexy D'angelo. And it reminded me of how much I trully miss him. Not just because he is ( or was...heard he caught a case, lost his figure and all types of shyt) absolutely beautiful, but because his music actually made people feel really feel good. Can we PLEASE have that back?! Come back to us D'angelo, we need you.

August 3, 2008


Here's Cassie, making that paper the best way she knows how. Poor thang, Diddy must've told her that fuckin wit him, she gonna have to get a real job. He must be proud.

Vanity is FINALLY Fair!

Michelle Obama, Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld were amongst the 42 people who were named BEST DRESSED on Vanity Fairs 69th Annual International Best Dressed Lis.t Of all the people on the list, these three happen to be my favorite. They are respected in the roles that they play in society and look damn good doin it. Gotta love it. Click here to see the entire list.

Complex Covers

Complex magazine delivered 3...actually, 4 covers for their August issue. However, I would say that only two of them are worth coping. The N.E.R.D cover and the Lupe cover! Thats it! They ACTUALLY deserve to be featured on the cover of magazines, seeing as they are ACTUALLY doing something relevant and changing the face of music. Shyt, they're workin! And wat the hell is Cassie's no talent havin ass doin, besides tryin to milk her non-existent career?! I could at least give her a couple of props if she was in the studio or sumthin, workin on some tracks, rather than f*ckin for 'em. But shes not...shes makin appearances n shyt like she's dropped sumthin in the last 2 years. The point is, she shouldn't be on the cover of ANY magazine unless its entitled "Untalented Weekly" or "Irrelevant Today". Enuff about her...much love and respect to Lupe and the guys of N.E.R.D for actually earning their spots in the music industry and beyond.

Image source

August 2, 2008

Take Dat, Take Dat!!!

Mr.Can't Stop, Won't Stop is pimpin this industry for all its worth. He has, not one, but TWO reality shows coming out this month, on two different networks at that. First, there's I Want To Work for Diddy on Vh1 and then, he's bringin back Making the Band 4 Vol. 82 on MTV. This man is a trip, and some might say he's over doing it, but I kno one thing, we'll ALL be tuning in...including me! He's like a trashy magazine....u know its BS, but u still pick it up to read.

*I Want to Work For Diddy (August 4th @ 9pm)
*Making the Band 4 (August 13th @ 9pm)

August 1, 2008

Do We Love This Long Time??

Last night, Mrs. Cannon performed on Jimmy Kimmel rocking this "pretty woman" inspired ensemble. So, are we feelin it or, shud she fire her stylist? Personally, I think Nicholas could have done a better job dressing her.