December 23, 2008

Viva La Diva

So, here's your girl Sasha in her newest video/single: DIVA, tryin her best to take it to the next level. With Garth Pugh Spring '09 shitting all ovah the place. I must say tho, when I peeped the collection earlier this year during Spring Fashion Week, I wasn't expecting anyone to actually wear the pieces. But I guess Mama Tina is determined to make her insurance...i mean daughter into an "icon" by any means. Anywho, we can all agree that the highlight of this all are those tasseled-chandelier sunglasses (designer soon to come).....THEY ARE FIERCEEEEE!!! Oh, and did she really disrespect us and pop out the MONEY FAN ?! She did!!! RUDE!!!

Click HERE to peep the vid for HALO....the beyonce release...not to be mistaken with sasha.

December 17, 2008

It Comes As No Surprise....

that our guy, Barack Obama is the TIME person of the year. And I think everyone can agree that it is most appropriate to have him hold the title. No one has had a year quite like this man, therefore, no one deserves it more than him. Click here to find out WHY, (as if you didn't already know).

December 10, 2008

BUSTA, What It Is Right NOW??!!

Busta "Big Mac" Rhymes performed @ the Power 106FM Cali Christmas Holiday Concert and showed everyone exactly what he's been up to.....eating in the studio apparently. I guess the recession is effecting everyone in different ways.

Click here to see Busta when he was taking care of himself.

December 8, 2008

Im Not One To Gossip, But.....

JaQuel w/ Beyonce Jonte w/ Beyonce

I was forwarded to a certain blog recently, and there was a post where the title read: "Jonte is Beyonce's Choreographer". Now, as much as I LUV Jonte (I am his biggest fan.....stalked him on 14th btwn 5th and broadway), this is not quite accurate. Jonte WAS Beyonce's choreographer! He did most of the choreography on her last album and tour (the beyonce expericence) for notable favorites such as Freakum Dress, Get Me Bodied ("snap inna circle three times"....I kno you remembah) and basically the entire video montage she came out with. However, so far JaQuel Knight has done all current choreography of Bey's which is only Single Ladies. So, I guess at this point, you would have to say that he (JaQuel Knight, that is) is her choreographer until further notice....or at least until the next single comes out and shes gyrating and holding ponytails up in the air...ganking otha ppls routines (thats another post for another day).

So, boys and girls, this is a lesson to all: when you are putting up post where other poeple are going to be reading your shyt, you might wanna have legitimate info (SR). Just a thought.

*Jonte did dance WITH Bey recently when she performed on the TYRA banks show.

Oh, Keyshia!!!

Why did Keyshia's hair stylist set her up like this?! Had her lookin like she got into a fight of her own. I tell ya, I am MOST disappointed, especially since Ursula Stephens (celebrity hair stylist best known for ganking Aeon Flux's do and puttin it on Rihanna) is the person responsible for the singers ka-naps. WRONG!!!

Anywho, click here to watch footage of Keyshia runnin all over the National Anthem (and I don't necessarily mean that as a good thing) @ the De la Hoya-Pacquiao fight....rocking the same ronald mcdonald hair do. SMH

OH, and is Keyshia handlin that mic or is she handlin THAT MIC?! LOL

December 6, 2008



click here to see the brains behind the BRAINS dance.

December 3, 2008


There are SO MANY things that are RIGHT with wat just went down in this video.

*Remember when they played AND sold her album in Starbucks throughout Fall of '07?! Yeah, she's been around for quite sometime now.

SIA more HERE!

Jazz-Mine Sullivan @ SOBs

This is for ALL the people who loved Miss Bust the Window's out Ya Car when she did Resentment BEFORE Beyonce AND for all those who cannot WAIT to see her perform Im In Luv With Another Man, LIVE!!! This is for the TRU FANS!!! Get you tix in advance HERE.

I Don't Rock Nike Boots, But I Fuccs w/ This Video!

Official Wale "Nike Boots" video (Directed by Chris Robinson) from Elitaste on Vimeo.

Yo, is it me or is this dudes swag undeniably in the fuckin building?!

Thanks for putting me on Kozza!