March 29, 2009

Dora Gets A Makeover

These fools have gone ahead and given Dora a makeover, which is absolutely unnecessary. She is a litte 4 or 5 year old girl traveling through jungles, and chillin with animals. She doesnt need to have on diamond studs, a necklance and ring. See, now little gurls gonna be talkin bout how they want what Dora got. Next thing you know shes gonna be giving fashion advice, gettin facials, and talkin bout how cute Diego is. If you're like me, and think that the madness must stop, click here to sign a petition against the Dora makeover.

image via: highsnobette

"I Go Put African Bling On It" gotta love 'em.

March 27, 2009

Blender Gets the Ax

“Given the reality of the current economic climate, we are unable to continue publication”. These are the words of Stephen Duggan, current CEO of Alpha Media Group Inc., who reported that Blender will no longer be on newstands. Sadly, Blender is the lastest victim to suffer, due to our nations economic turmoil. BOO-HOO. But all hope isn't lost, you'll still be able to enjoy via

Via: WWD
Click HERE to reminisce.

Sasha Gets Fierce'd

Thierry Mugler is bringing a whole new meaning to Sasha Fierce with these recently published Xena inspired illustrations of costumes slated to be worn on Beyonce's I AM tour. He has said that he wanted to create “the duality between being a woman and a warrior." Well, I guess he accomplished the vision. Wat do you think??
Click HERE to read more comments from the designer and creative advisor for the tour.

SIDE BAR: Ummm, is that a blonde, square shaped afro there on the right??
DOUBLE SIDE BAR: Am I the only one who was SURE Garth Pugh was goin to be outfitting her tour??!! Hmmmm

Mornin LOL: BasketBall Edition

Just a lil sumthin to wake ya'll up. LOL
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March 26, 2009

Still in "The Game" @ 43!!!

Here is a video (via HipHollywood) of the still stunning Stacey Dash, filling us in on the details of her appearance on The Game. We would allll like to has she done it??

Video Premiere: Maino feat. T-Pain-All The Above

Maino is really sayin "Hi Haters", now. He has a hot single, and a video to go with it, thats not half bad. It also has an actual message. So, good for let's hope he can maintain, and not fall prey to the one hit wonder syndrome that has taken sooo many away from us.

No L.O.V.E For The Darkies

We have a case of BITCHASSNESS from its originator: Its been swirling all over the blogsphere that your boy Diddy is doing a casting for models to appear in the new Ciroc commercials. BUT, you may only apply if you are: "White, hispanic or light skinned african american". WAAAAAT??? Come again!! Then he went ahead and did some damage control via twitter saying: "iamdiddy FOR the record people I LOVE WOMEN OF ALL SHADES!!! I DON'T DISCRIMINATE!!! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! Now back to the POSITIVITY!!!" Yeah, he loves all shades my ass...que J.Lo, Cassie, Aubrey O'Day, his first BM (wats her name again)....Riiiite!!!!

click HERE to get the full story

I Feel A Breakdown Comin On...Don't You?!

Am I the only one that feels like Miss Robyn Fenty is on the verge of a breakdown?! I mean, she has the makings of a person whose one tattoo away from a few loose screwsss....speakin of, peep a recent pic of Miss Fenty with her new GUN tattoo. Yes, GUN TATTOO!!! You see, this is the sh#t im talkin about.....why are you getting a tattoo of a gun on your rib cage after what you just went that REALLY a wise decision?? What kind of message are you sending?? Watever, its her body, she'll do as she pleases and just regret it later. Thats always the best option in this industry anyway, right: do sumthin stupid, and just regret later.

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March 25, 2009

Mr. Anti-Fashion

For those of you who are familiar with Taz Arnold, you know that he is somewhat of a character. A being that might as well be of another planet. And for those of you who aren't, here is his latest project from ti$avi$, made in partnership with Kenzo Digital, that better explains the "person" that he is, and the not so fashionable fashions he rocks.

Oh, by the way....we've met:

Keri Hilson Album Release Party

Last night I hit up Keri Hilson's album release party @ the Pink Elephant. And let me tell was crazy. From the line outside, to the crowded dance floor. But the sad part is that ALL to those people really thought they were getting in. Like, if they only knew how small it was up in that bitch, they would have saved themselves the disappointment, and gone on home. Anywho, it was live. DJ D-Nice was killin it on the turntables. Akon was in the building , as well as Ron Brownz, Tyson Beford, Melyssa Ford and wanna be celebrities from Harlem Heights. All in all, it was a festive evening, and Miss Keri deserved to celebrate. Its been a loooooong time comin.

Peeps some more pics of Keri and frends just below:

March 24, 2009

Janelle Monae Rocks SXSW

An absolute beast on the stage front. Need to see her in concert.

(let it load...walk away and come back)

March 23, 2009

SEX...Not So Much Love & Magic

Here is the official music video for Ciara's new single, Love Sex Magic, featuring Justin Timberlake. Now, don't JT look like he wants to beat the breaks off dat?! Like he wanna leave the one he's with, start a NEW relationship?!

March 20, 2009


Karl Lagerfeld Limited Edition 'Idol' Metal Mesh Tote & Convertible Clutch two luvs in one place @ the same time: BAGERFELD!!!

image via: FabSugar

Michelle Obama Might Be Able To Get You A Job Too!!!

The Obama Effect has struck again...this time in the fashion world. J.Crew has finally decided to feature a model of color (Liya Kebede), as the face of their ENTIRE Catalog for next month. This is a major deal seeing as J.Crew is in the habit of featuring pastey faced females with pearly white smiles, frolecking thru life in all its splendor. They are even going to start carrying pieces from Liya's children's line, Lemlem....double pay check?! I can't believe it!! Michelle is getting folks work left and right. Look out, you might be next.

via: Fashionista


These absolutely amazing creations are by BLESS (a design agency based outta Berlin). I need these joints on my face RIGHT NOW!!!

Stussy Gets Historical

Stussy got genius on us. They went ahead and put together a collection t-shirts with historical figures splashed across them, with animation and the works to make them POP. Now, why didn't I think of that?! Anywho, I didn't, but they're still fly. I'll be runnin out to cop one when they drop tomorrow (March 21st) should too.

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March 18, 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton!!!

Ok, I was gonna wait until tomorrow to debut my official post of "fashion- forward- gossip- in- the- kno- trends- every- day- round- the- way- world- news- music- you- heard- it- hear", but I fell up on these again, for like the 1000th time since they started floating around the internet, so I said f*ck it, I gotta post the decadence that are these kicks. I mean WHERE DO I START??!! These are Dope.Boy.Fresh!!! Any dude rockin these will gain 10 extra swagnificant points. And u can never have too much swag.

Comin June '09