May 20, 2008

The Hollyweird Walk of not that Many Famous People and the Predominantly Untalented

Can someone tell me how Ryan Shecrest managed to get a star on the hollywud walk of fame?? I mean WTB (wat the b*tch) is goin on with these ppl?!

How is it that a man who for the most part hosts a whack ass television series that has exhausted its own exsistance, manage to get a star, when there are people who are more talented, more experienced and more accomplished, who have yet to receive the call, email or watever tellin them that they will honored with a star.Shit, Diddy JUST got a star like a week ago, and he's been in the game for God knos how long. Not to mention he's dabbled in EVERY industry possible. He even had the nerve to run a gotdam marathon and ryan shecrest gets the same honor??!! Come on now, let's cut the shit!
Next thing we kno, reality show rejects will be honored with stars...minaswell, with all the madness goin on. I'm just tryna wrap my head around it all.

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