May 17, 2008

Can I Get An AMEN?!

Bonjour, Como estas, Ba woni, Obrigado, Greetings all! Its been quite a while (as usual), which means I have a whole heap a shit to cover.
I've been walkin the streets noticing some disrespekful things that don't sit well with me, so I've deciced to speak/preach on 'em....can I get an amen?!:

-Ladies, if the public can c ur draws thru ur JEANS...that means they're too damn tight! Losen up a lil.

-Gentlemen...the V in your V-neck is tooooo LOW! I mean really, I can c ur belly button! Either pull the V up or get a round neck.

-Everyone, pleez STOP using the word "vintage", as an excuse to rock ur raggigy and dingy shit. Get rid of it... or ppl like me will call u out.

-Gentlemen, u R NOT allowed to rock bell-bottoms, period

-Also, men and boyz alike, pleez... invest in a nice (well-tailored) suit or at LEAST, a nice pair of slacks, because the oversized jeans (rolled 20 times) and the cheap wannabe silk shirt with daffy duck all ovah it...ehhmmm, NOT ATTRACTIVE at all. Ur old enuf to know better!

-Lastly, ladies...if u have hair on your chest 4 watever reason, pleez make sure u either nair, shave or pluck...or...wear a gotdam turtleneck, cuz that shit A'INT cute!

That's enuf 4 one blog, but don't worry, they're will be much more to come. Cuz as long as folk commit trajic offenses such as the ones listed above, there WILL be MUCH to blog about.

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