April 12, 2008

Bringin Boston: The Fairytale

Sooo,I kno this post is like 3 weeks late, however I think its necessary that I post it anyway. With that said, I was planning on posting the pics from the fashion show (The Fairytale) that I went to last weekend, but it seems that the computer gods are vexed and have decided to punish me by making the pics (and video) unavailable. Its my fault tho because I shouldnt have uploaded them on my sisters faulty computer. Anywho, long story short, the pictures are gone, so Im goin to have to do an overview of wat I saw and how I felt about it all. If u were there, then u kno wat it was about, and if u werent, well, that is why Im here. Ill do my best by being extremely graphic:

Bianca Golden(from ANTM, cycle 9 aka thats enuf already) was the host of the show and did a good job, except that she couldnt really...TALK! It was a little difficult understanding her between the stammering and 5 year old tone of her voice. And she kept hatin on The Bean (did she kno where she was...I mean, come on) but got set STRAIGHT when a boy from BAA (Boston Arts Academy) had to show her wat the f*ck the deal was (Yeah, Boston served her little NY people who could supposedly dance better than us....psssssssssh). Besides that, she was pretty and had a certain regalness (is that a word?!) to her. Shaving that mess off her head was a good move!

Then there were the actual designs which were nicely crafted...wellllll, at least most of them were.A couple cud have used some "touch-up" tailoring to fit the models better.But overall I was impressed with all the designs and the work put into it all.
Speakin of models...tell me why all the female models were like 5'1?! They were all gorgeous and fierce on the runway, but dam were they bite size. I think about 2 of them were tall. Anywho, the important thing is that they killed it and u cud tell that they put a lot of hardwork and dedication into they're walks and overall presentations.
There were some other odds and ends like the performance by The Movement (which was tremendous), a walk off, best outfit, best hair and others, that I can't really remember because I waited so long to post.But,ce la vie...the important thing is that it was wat it was supposed to be...FIERCE & FABULUSSS!
Until next time, sistah-gurl-honey-chiild!

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