April 2, 2008

Sneaktip v.s DunkExchange

Sooooooo.....this past weekend, The DunkXchange came to Boston! Yeah...Boston!...and if you call yourself a "Sneakerhead", and you werent present, then u've lost some credibility...if you even had any in the first place. Anywho, it was an THE event to be at this weekend . There was buying, selling and trading of some of the rarest kicks and one of a kind t-shirts...Then there was the live performance by UNI ( rap duo outta LA), whom I had never heard of until then, but became a fan instantly. They were dope (peep the video of their performance). Did I mention the music?! Well, it was on point, and thats probably bcuz it was provided by the one and only Brek.One (peep him on the turntables). Overall, it was sumthin that Boston needed and Im glad to say that I was present. Put the name to a face and peep the pics below. It's Preimere!

And some more to come...

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