April 1, 2008

Loooong time comin!!!

Its here....Its FINALLY here! SistahGurlHoneyChiild that is. This has been in the making for quite some time now and this post marks the the official beginning of SistahGurlHoneyChiild. I mean yeah, she was born about a month ago (refer to the "blogging soon" post), but her journey begins tonight. Why tonight?! Well, to tell you the truth....I just needed to get on with it (said with an English accent in the privacy of my bedroom). Ive been tryin to get it JUST RIGHT that I have managed to put "her" debut on hold for a month now. MADNESS!!!! No more! No mas....(Si, Yo Hablo Espanol!) So, I have taken this mofo by roots and plan to work her (lol....wheres that from again?!) till the heels fall off ( I like shoes, so I thot it only appropriate....wait this is MY "f"ing blog...I dont have to explain!). With that said I just wanted to let all my readers know what to expect from SistahGurlHoneyChilld and that is: E-VER-REY THANG! I mean, we're to goin to be bringing the WORKS...the gossip, the news, personal thots and opinions ( I always have one), fashion (lotz of it), the exklusives, the "you oughta kno", the "you HAVE to kno" and the "you betta kno or else your frends and familee r gonna clown if you dont kno" and sooooooooooo much more. Just consider SistahGurlHoneyChiild as your....noisy, yet VERY informative next door neighbor...but remember...." U aint heard it from me!"

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