March 18, 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton!!!

Ok, I was gonna wait until tomorrow to debut my official post of "fashion- forward- gossip- in- the- kno- trends- every- day- round- the- way- world- news- music- you- heard- it- hear", but I fell up on these again, for like the 1000th time since they started floating around the internet, so I said f*ck it, I gotta post the decadence that are these kicks. I mean WHERE DO I START??!! These are Dope.Boy.Fresh!!! Any dude rockin these will gain 10 extra swagnificant points. And u can never have too much swag.

Comin June '09

1 comment:

Basannya said...

AMAZING...I'm in love...I'm scared to ask the price...knowing that they are Louis and Kanye...wat a mix