February 21, 2009


Ladies and gents....I stepped out......nahhhhh, I dipped offf, but IM BACK AGAIN, and I am ready to give it to ya'll, like Chris gave it to Rihanna. Ououououououo, that was rude, Im sorry. I do feel bad about that whole situation. But, anywho, lets not lose sight of the task @ hand. There is much to be said, and so little time, because I wanna get RITE to it. Because, I mean, I have to tell ya'll.....I've really been losin sleep over the fact that I haven't been able to update my baby for about.....(counting on fingers) December to January....January to February....February to march....3 MONTHS!!!!! Im surprised they haven't kicked my off by now. Nevertheless, I am here to redeem myself and bring you the good, the bad, and "lawd, wat were you thinkin.

But with so much that has happened in the past few months, up until now, I feel soooo.....overwhelmed!!!! So, instead of stressin.....im pressin....on that is!!!.....BUT, I can't do that just yet. Not without filling you in on the WHIRLWIND, called my life. I'm tellin you....from front row seats @ New York Fashion Week (sans invitation or ticket...you betta get like me) to taking patron shots with Lloyd @ Mansion. U HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

So, PLEASE, stay tuned for those posts, equipped with photo and video footage.


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