December 8, 2008

Im Not One To Gossip, But.....

JaQuel w/ Beyonce Jonte w/ Beyonce

I was forwarded to a certain blog recently, and there was a post where the title read: "Jonte is Beyonce's Choreographer". Now, as much as I LUV Jonte (I am his biggest fan.....stalked him on 14th btwn 5th and broadway), this is not quite accurate. Jonte WAS Beyonce's choreographer! He did most of the choreography on her last album and tour (the beyonce expericence) for notable favorites such as Freakum Dress, Get Me Bodied ("snap inna circle three times"....I kno you remembah) and basically the entire video montage she came out with. However, so far JaQuel Knight has done all current choreography of Bey's which is only Single Ladies. So, I guess at this point, you would have to say that he (JaQuel Knight, that is) is her choreographer until further notice....or at least until the next single comes out and shes gyrating and holding ponytails up in the air...ganking otha ppls routines (thats another post for another day).

So, boys and girls, this is a lesson to all: when you are putting up post where other poeple are going to be reading your shyt, you might wanna have legitimate info (SR). Just a thought.

*Jonte did dance WITH Bey recently when she performed on the TYRA banks show.

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