October 2, 2008

Usher's Trading Places...& Spit

Well now, either Usher is in heat (from lack of affection from Mrs.Raymond) or he's tryin to reclaim the thrown, and show us whose boss. Either way, he definately got my attention. I watched this video like 5 times in a row, wondering what that chick has that I don't, besides a 24 inch waist, perfect abs, a cute lil pout, great teeth, and an all round smashing body...please, tell me, what?!

Ouououou, and u know Mrs. Raymond was steamed when she peeped situation. SMH



Tebukozza said...

Madness...that shorty is a lil bit of BLAZIN'. and the wife is about to break somethings in the crib...for sure...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he got so wild...know that I will see it and what I will do to him when he gets home....it ight tho....he's gonna get it when he gets home....LOL