August 3, 2008

Complex Covers

Complex magazine delivered 3...actually, 4 covers for their August issue. However, I would say that only two of them are worth coping. The N.E.R.D cover and the Lupe cover! Thats it! They ACTUALLY deserve to be featured on the cover of magazines, seeing as they are ACTUALLY doing something relevant and changing the face of music. Shyt, they're workin! And wat the hell is Cassie's no talent havin ass doin, besides tryin to milk her non-existent career?! I could at least give her a couple of props if she was in the studio or sumthin, workin on some tracks, rather than f*ckin for 'em. But shes not...shes makin appearances n shyt like she's dropped sumthin in the last 2 years. The point is, she shouldn't be on the cover of ANY magazine unless its entitled "Untalented Weekly" or "Irrelevant Today". Enuff about her...much love and respect to Lupe and the guys of N.E.R.D for actually earning their spots in the music industry and beyond.

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