July 29, 2008

Chillin...is for warm beverages!

I was watchin my guilty pleasure this evening, Baldwin Hood...I mean Hills, and tonights episode was SCAN-DA-LUSS. Gerren and Lo'Rena were about to throw sum bows. And lets be honest, as much as I love me some Gerren (Miss Naomi Campbell in the making: Bee-yotch), she would've gotten handled by Lo'Rena, if she had "laid hands on her". But thats not wat this is about. Wat caught my interest was the conversation between Lala and Sal. She told him that he should take her out on a date if he was serious about dating her, and this mofo wanna say, " Why can't we chill?!" PAUSE! OHH.NO.HE.DIDNT! Hes lucky i wasn't the one sitting on that couch, cuz he would have gotten read. I mean, that was insulting. Was he tryin to say that she wasnt worth taking out?! Cuz we all kno that chillin is another word for "let's f**ck", "im cheap", or "i'm trifflin"! Disrespeckful! So, fellas, word of advice: Next time you wanna "chill", take a cold shower. PEACE!!

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